AC Repair Dubai

We give the several repairing services for Air Conditioner including Routine Maintenance, Refrigerant Leak Detection and Repair, Compressor Repair or Replacement, Condenser Coil Cleaning or Replacement, Evaporator Coil Cleaning or Replacement, Fan Motor Repair or Replacement, Thermostat Repair or Calibration, Ductwork Inspection and Repair and Electrical System Troubleshooting etc. Inspite of these services we also give full fledge services regarding New or Old AC Installation, AC Maintenance, AC Repair, AC Service, AC Parts Repair and AC Parts Replacement. We do AC Repair for all types and brands of Air Conditioners.

Air Conditioner Repair Dubai (UAE)

Air Conditioner / AC Repair Dubai (UAE)

We have professional and experienced AC / Air Conditioner Repair and service technicians in Dubai and all over the UAE. You can always approach us if you are scrolling for the following queries in Dubai and UAE:

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then you are at right place at the very right time. At Home Appliances Repair Dubai – (UAE) we take care of all of your Air Conditioner Repairing needs. We deliver affordable, reliable, quality based and quick Air Conditioner repairing services in all areas of Dubai and whole UAE. We understand that a malfunctioning stove can disrupt your daily routine. That’s why we strive to provide same-day or next-day service to get your AC back to working order as soon as possible. Our team of highly skilled technicians undergoes rigorous training and stays updated with the latest industry trends. They have the expertise to handle all types of Air Conditioner issues effectively.

There are several types of AC (air conditioning) repairing services that can be performed, depending on the specific issue or requirement. We almost repair all the AC faults including:

  • Air Filter and Fin Cleaning
  • AC Condenser and evaporator coil cleaning
  • AC Condenser and Evaporator fan cleaning
  • AC Drain cleaning and leakage check
  • Coolant level check-in Air Conditioner
  • Overall inspection of the AC unit
Air Conditioner Repair Dubai

At Home Appliances Repair Dubai – (UAE) we repair all categories, types and brands of Air Conditioners including Central Air Conditioner Repair, Window Air Conditioner Repair, Smart Air Conditioner Repair, Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner Repair, Portable Air Conditioner Repair, Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner Repair, Geothermal Air Conditioner Repair and Evaporative Air Conditioner Repair in Dubai. Just call us (+971 58 817 5023) for our quick, trustable, fast and reliable Air Conditioner Repairing Services in Dubai and all over the UAE.

Why Choose Us for Air Conditioner Repairing?

Home Appliances Repair Dubai – (UAE) is a family operated company specializing in residential AC repair and air conditioning installation. We are Google Certified for Home Services in Dubai and we offer the best warranty in the industry. All of our employees are background checked and verified. Home Appliances Repair Dubai is your complete repairing contractor in Dubai and whole UAE, offering a wide range of Home Appliances related products and services. Along with air conditioning & AC repairs and replacement, we go a step further in offering duct installation and air duct cleaning. We even conduct indoor along with a variety of insulation services. Contact us at (+971 58 817 5023) for the quick response and the best repair to your Home Appliances.

Across all of these, Home Appliances Repair Dubai also give the repairing services for Refrigerator / Fridge or Freezer Repair, Washing Machine Repair, Dishwasher Repair, Electric or Gas Stove Repair, Microwave Oven Repair, TV / LED Repair and Dryer Repair in Dubai and the whole UAE. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we proudly stand as the best repairing company in Dubai. We have the Unmatched Expertise, Prompt and Reliable Service, Comprehensive Repair Solutions, Genuine Spare Parts, Transparent Pricing and also the Customer Satisfaction is our top priority to build a good relationship with our valued customers. So Call Now at (+971 58 817 5023) and contact Home Appliances Repair Dubai – (UAE) today and experience the best air conditioner repair services in Dubai. We are just a call away from restoring cool comfort to your home or office space.

Timely Arrival

  • At our Air Conditioner repair service, we understand the value of your time. That’s why we prioritize timely arrival for all our appointments. We believe in providing prompt and efficient service to ensure minimal disruption to your daily routine. When you schedule an Air Conditioner repair with us, you can count on our technicians arriving at your location at the designated time. 

Upfront and Transparent Pricing

  • At our Air Conditioner repair service, we believe in providing upfront and transparent pricing to ensure clarity and trust with our valued customers. We understand that unexpected repair costs can be a concern, which is why we aim to be transparent about our pricing right from the start. We will discuss the cost of diagnostics, labor, and any necessary parts that may be required for the repair.

Quality Cautious Company

  • At Home Appliances Repair Dubai, quality isn’t just limited to the repair process. We also strive to provide exceptional customer service. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always ready to address your queries, guide you through the repair process, and keep you informed about the progress of your AC repair. We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers based on trust and satisfaction.

Your Air Conditioner May Have Following Issues:

1) Air Conditioner Refrigerant is Leaking

The Poor installation of some aspects of HVAC unit leads to the leakage of Air Conditioner Refrigerant. Overtightening of flare connections is the common cause of this. When your system is blowing warm air, if the thermostat is in the wrong place or does not functions properly, your home has a poor airflow, electricity bills are higher or poor heating then it leads to the Refrigerant leakage. For the solution of this problem always call the professional staff because it is a very complicated issue. We will solve this problem very professionally so don’t hesitate to call our valuable technicians.

2) Water is Leaking From Backside of Air Conditioner

Water dripping from the aircon unit is a normal thing but when it increases it’s quantity and put deep stains on your walls then it’s an alarming situation regarding your system. The basic reason for leakage is that when the drain line get clogged due to dust and debris then it tends to blockage due to which the water has no way to drain that’s why is start leaking. Damaged or rusted Drain Pan is also it’s reason, Dirty Air Filter is also it’s cause. The other reasons are Low Refrigerant or Refrigerant Leaks, Breakage of Condenser Pump and Lack of Insulation. But don’t worry we have every solution of your frustration regarding Air Conditioner Repair.

3) Air Conditioner Not Turning On

The basic problem of not turning on the Air Conditioner is a thermostat problem. When you find that the thermostat is faulty then it must needs to replace. Then there is a problem of  Air Filter because the Air Filter must be changed within every 30 to 60 minutes. Your Circuit Breaker may also be faulty, Indoor and outdoor Shutoff Switches are also engaged in not turning on the Air Conditioner, AC’s Reset Button is must also be identified. So you can call us anytime whenever you feel the abnormality in turning on your Air Conditioner because we have every solution for this.

4) Air Conditioner is Making Noise

When you notice that strange noises are coming from your Air Conditioner then it is an alarming situation. They tend to be annoying but from the worst sound you may indicate that the sound is coming from which part of Air Conditioner because different noises indicate different problems like grinding sound proves that the compressor or motor has failed. If it’s giving clicking sound then it leads to the fan or capacitor issue. We have every solution regarding your Air Conditioner Problems so don’t be frustrate and just make us a quick call regarding your Air Conditioner Repair.

5) Water Drainage Problem

Sometimes problems may happen that cause your Air Conditioner not to drain water. It can lead to unpleasant consequences like clogged Air Conditioner or water leakage from appliance. The most common reason of drainage is a blockage due to dirt and debris buildup inside the pipe. The other reasons of not draining may include Disconnected Drain Line, Clogged Drain Line, Rust in Drain Pan, Malfunctioning in Condensate Pump, Frozen Evaporator Coil, Dirty or Damaged Coil. But you don’t have to worry about any drainage problem. Just make a call to our 24/7 available staff to fix your Air Conditioner.

6) Air Conditioner is Not Blowing Cool Air

If the central Air Conditioner is not blowing cold air then the refrigerant may be the problem of it. The refrigerant unit could be running low and needs additional refrigerant to add in. The basic cause of it is the leakage in the Air Conditioner Unit. There are also other causes like the filter may be too dirty or clogged, the evaporator coil or condenser has a problem, the registers are blocked or clogged, thermostat is damaged, no proper maintenance or unethical installation of the unit etc. Always call the professional staff like us to fix your problem of not not blowing of cold air.

7) Evaporator Coil is Frozen

When the coils of your Air Conditioner gets insufficient air flow then the refrigerant vapor gets effected which leads to cool the coil and when the coil gets too much cool then it starts freezing and when it freezes then it starts making up ice. This is a cause of dirty air filter, backed-up drain clogs, low fan speed or a dirty evaporator coil. For the solution of this problem just pick up your phone and make a quick call to our always available technical staff to fix your Air Conditioner.

8) Sensor is Not Working Properly

When you have a faulty thermostat then it causes the sensor not to work properly. The reason of it is the build of grime or dust inside the thermostat. The improper installation can also be it’s reason when the wires remain loose and not tightly fixed to your thermostat. When the sensor may tends faulty then it also displace from it’s original place therefore the startup of Air Conditioner after creates problem. We are the solution of your every problem. Take our valuable services regarding your Air Conditioner Repair and make your life happy.

9) Outside Unit of Air Conditioner is Freezing

The refrigerant cycle is a substance in your Air Conditioner system that absorb heat from your surrounding environment air. If the refrigerant level is low then the system can’t absorb heat as it should. At the end, the refrigerant drops it’s temperature which leads to freeze the coil of Air Conditioner. The other reasons of freezing the outside unit are Clogged Air Filter, Dirty Evaporator Coil and Obstructed Air Vents. We can fix all problems of freezing your outer unit so don’t panic and make a call to our professional staff.

10) Failure of Electric Control

When you turn on and off your Air Conditioner so much then it may cause the damage of compressor and fan because the compressor, condenser motor and blower motor are connected with each other through which they make a connection to turn on the Air Conditioner. If anything gets damaged by this mishap then you should quickly call a professional technical to do your Air Conditioner Repairing. We are always available for your service.

Air Conditioner Brands We Repair in Dubai and All UAE

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We Provide Same Day AC Repairing Services for All Brands and Types of Air Conditioner in Dubai and across the UAE

Home Appliances Repair Dubai provides same day AC Repairing Services for all brands in Dubai. So if you are scrolling for a Samsung Air Conditioner Repair Service, LG Air Conditioner Repair, Miele Air Conditioner Repair, Bosch Air Conditioner Repair, Siemens Air Conditioner Repair, Panasonic Air Conditioner Repair, Nikai Air Conditioner Repair, Daewoo Air Conditioner Repair, Nobel Air Conditioner Repair, Super General Air Conditioner Repair, Elekta Air Conditioner Repair, Hisense Air Conditioner Repair, Daikin Air Conditioner Repair, Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Repair, Fujitsu Air Conditioner Repair, Carrier Air Conditioner Repair, Trane Air Conditioner Repair, Hitachi Air Conditioner Repair, Toshiba Air Conditioner Repair, Sharp Air Conditioner Repair, Kenwood Air Conditioner Repair, Electrolux Air Conditioner Repair, Hover Air Conditioner Repair or Whirlpool Air Conditioner Repair in Dubai then not above Home Appliances Repair Dubai – (UAE). Just make us a call for the quick response and a reliable AC Repair service.

Call Us at: (+971 58 817 5023)

Other Home Appliances Repair Services We Provide in Dubai and All Over UAE

Electric Stove Repair

If your Electric Stove is making certain issues for you like it’s not working properly or it’s burner or plates have stopped heating then call us for your help because we Repair all Kinds of Electric and Gas Stoves in all over Dubai and UAE also. Just take our Services for your Electric Stove.

Microwave Oven Repair

We Repair all Brands and Types of Electric Microwave Oven. We install it’s Genuine Parts and also give the Maximum Guarantee of Parts. Either your Microwave’s Button is not working or has any heating issue then just Call Us.

TV Repair

We do All Types and brands of LED and TV Repair in Dubai including Micro LED Modular Wall TV, Quantum Light Emitting Diode (QLED), Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) Display, LED, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), Digital Light Processing (DLP), Plasma Panels and Direct View

Washing Machine Repair

We Repair all Types and Brands of Washing Machine. Either your Washing Machine is not Washing Clothes Properly or it’s Ripping your clothes. We will solve all your problems regarding Washing Machine Repairing.

Refrigerator Repair

We do Repair all Brands and Kinds of Refrigerator and Fridge. If your Fridge or Freezer is not cooling properly or it’s perishing your delicious food or it’s not freezing properly then just call us for a quick and same day Repair.

Dishwasher Repair

When your Dishwasher makes a problem for you then just call us for your earliest convenience because we are the best Repairman of Dishwasher for all Brands and Types in Dubai and all over the UAE.

Air Conditioner Repair

If your Air Conditioner needs repair then contact us for any kind of service regarding AC. We have the professional and highly qualified staff who not only repairs Air Conditioner but provide the incredible service for Installation of new AC and also do it’s maintenance.

Dryer Repair

We do All Types and Brands of Dryer Repair in Dubai including Direct Dryer, Indirect Dryer and Radiant Dryer etc. We Repair all kinds of Dryer very Professionally. If your Dryer is not Spinning, making noises, gives a burning smell or tearing your clothes then don’t be worry we have every solution for your problems.

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